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Reflections: Seventh Grade

When I first arrived in August, I expected chaos. I thought all the 8th graders would beat me up and make
fun of me but at least I had something to be proud about… I was co-captain of the WRMS cheerleading squad. I was so excited when I found out but I’m not here to talk about that.
But I soon realized that there was peace I school. I mean the 8th graders never beat me up or made fun of me and I was still co-captain so all was good in my school life.
By October, my life had settled down and I was finally getting comfortable with my teachers and my schedule and I had already made a lot of new friends! I started feeling a lot more confidant about the year and about knowing my way around the 7th grade hallways.
Eventually, I figured out that 7th grade wasn’t so bad I mean besides all the homework and cheer after school everyday, it wasn’t really all that bad when I got used to it. I mean everybody says 7th grade is the worse of all grades but personally I think that it’s actually pretty easy if you do all of your homework and turn it in on time.
In seventh grade I learned….
•There are consequences to your actions
•And how to have fun while still being good and doing your homework
As the year comes to a close I am excited and yet very scared to go into the eighth grade. I am excited to get to do more sports next year and the explore more things in life and move on with my life getting closer to going to high school.
If I had to do it over again, I would do it all the same.
My advice to next years seventh grader is
•Always bring all your supplies to all classes
•If your teachers tells you you can, then bring a snack to third period because you will be very hungry by then
•Always do your homework especially major grades because they will hurt you a lot if you don’t do them.
Good luck to all incoming seventh graders!!

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Cheer Poem

Cheerleading is a way of life, shared by a chosen few,
It is working as a unit in everything you do.
Cheerleading is rivalry, the competition makes you strong,
It is sharing secrets and tears, learning to get along.
Cheerleading is that on-going drive to be the very best,
It is patience, perseverance, and very little rest.
Cheerleading is having poise and charm with every word you say,
It is total dedication twenty-four hours a day.
It is always being ready with encouragement or a smile,
Cheerleading is your chance to express your individual style.
Cheerleading is reaching out to comfort a sister who is sad,
It is defending each other in the good times and the bad.
Cheerleaders are always there whenever someone asks,
They treasure the present moment and let go of the past.
Cheerleading is a talent to be able to shine on cue,
It is hiding the pain and anguish that if people only knew.
Cheerleaders, after all, are real people that sometimes feel down,
but when they’re in the spotlight, they must never wear a frown.
Cheerleaders are actresses, always ready to go,
That is why it is important for all the world to know.
Not every girl can be a cheerleader, it takes a special kind,
Cheerleaders are full of life and a little bit out of their mind!
I finally learned what life is all about.
– Sarah

I like this poem because well it talks about my favorite thing in the whole world…. Cheer! See when people thing of cheer they think of girls with Pom Poms but cheer is more than that! It’s hardwork, dedication, commitment and a whole lot of effort and strength. Cheer is lifting girls who are bigger, smaller, or the same size as you in the air. It’s being able to memorize a 2 1/2 minute routine with combinations of stunts, jumps,tumbling, pyramids, and dancing and being able to perform under pressure in front of huge crowds and have facials. It’s also being to tolerate 5 cans of hairspray in your hair (exaggeration). Also being bake to pull out all the bobby jones that you out in your hair to keep it up. That’s the real definition of cheer… Not just shaking Pom Poms around. I really like how this talks about the real meaning and thought of that and what goes through a cheerleaders’ mind on a daily basis.

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Family is supposed to have your back,
Family is supposed to know you,
There are supposed to be no secrets with family,
There are supposed to be no lies with family,
Family is supposed to love each other unconditionally,
Family is supposed to be there for you,
There is supposed to be understanding in a family,
There is supposed to be trust in a family,
Family is supposed to be there for you,
Family is supposed to understand.
By: Violet Creek

What I really like about this poem is it really tells about the importance of family and talks about what a real family bond is. It tells about your family having your back no matter what and talking about if you tell your family something, that they will never turn their back on you or ever tell anyone about it. This poem really reaches out to any family and it really speaks to the heart. That’s what I really like about this poem.

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Media and Memory


When I was little I just couldn’t do without my baby blanket.
It was the most beautiful thing IU had ever seen. It was silky and soft and good smelling blanket for sure. My great grandmother had made it for me right before she died so it was very special to me.
It had blue,green,red, and yellow bears on it and they all had blue and green bows on the bears.
While I had it, I would name each of the bears and then rename them the next day.
That’s why it was so special… because it was made out of love and care for me by my great grandmother.
Without it, I would have never fallen asleep or never stopped crying!
See you in another blog post!


Favorite Mistake By: Ashley

It was in that moment, the moment when gravity took full control of me and thrusts me to the ground that I thought to myself, “What have I done?”….
I look up to see the world spinning in circles and when the world suddenly stops spinning, I see faces above me asking me questions like, “Are you okay?” “Can you feel everything?” and then all of a sudden I was overwhelmed with questions and it was like a million tiny voices in my head yelling and screaming at me. Then someone said, very loudly, “EVERYBODY STOP TALKING!” It started to get quieter and soon subsided so that you could hear a pin drop from anywhere in the gym. Then someone came over to me and asked me, “Do you know who I am?” I squinted and readjusted my eyes and I could vaguely make out the face of Gretchen, the owner of the gym. I tell her that I do know who she is and that I know what my name is and where I am, then she asked me if I knew what had happened to me, and I couldn’t remember exactly what happened. “All I remember was that I was doing a full (a flip) and then I stopped spinning and I hit the ground then I woke up here and you all were standing above me.”
I asked them what had happened to me and they started to tell me that I was doing a full and for some reason I just stopped twisting out of nowhere. My coach tried to help me not hit the ground but he just couldn’t get there fast enough to save me and I fell full speed flat into my back and then I blacked out. Gretchen told me that she saw me doing the flip and she said she didn’t think I was trying as hard as I usually do. I told her that was probably true because I was just so sore and so tired that I probably just gave up half way through it. POW! A shot of pain goes straight up my spine and into my neck! I rolled over onto my stomach hoping that that would release some of the pain but it only made the pain worse. I asked Gretchen if I could have some Advil® or Motrin® and she said she go look up at the front to see if she can find some for me. My mom walks through the door and she rushes to my side and asks me if I’m okay and I tell her that I’ll stay alive and live through it.
I think that this mistake taught me that me that I need to always try my hardest at whatever I do. I think that the moment I realized I was falling is the moment when I realized that I should’ve tried harder and not given up. The lesson I can take away from this is that no matter how tired I am or sore I am that I can never give up becuase if I give up I’m giving up on my self and the well being of myself.

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My Dream Dog


My dream dog would be a mix of a small little Maltese and a Yorkshire terrier. It would be a tricolor of black, tan, and lightship brown with cute curly fur and little point years and big big brown beady eyes that when you look into its eyes you just want to melt its so cute. It would be a fun, energetic dog that loves to play outside and go on walks and never had accidents inside the house. It would always at night jump up on my bed and fall asleep on my feet and get afraid and whimper during rainstorms or thunderstorms. It would love to ride in the back of the car and stick its head out the window and it would follow me wherever I go and sometimes try to get on the bus with me and then jump on me the minute I walked through the front door when I get home from school. It would love to come snuggle with me and always watch tv with me. This dog would be a huge part of my life.

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Punch! Punch! Ouch! Bullying is harmful.
Bullying is harmful because it breaks self confidence and can tear someone’s life apart and they can become a scared, fearing person who doesn’t like to talk to people anymore or is scared of every little thing there is. Like if you call someone fat or ugly it makes them feel insecure, and they think that they ARE fat and ugly even if you were just joking or kidding around. Bullies—mean people—should just stop!!! Most of the time bullies are people who are insecure about themselves or they have problems at home with parents and they choose to take their anger out on other people and those people become their victims and it’s very hard to overcome that.

Another reason is it can cause suicidal thoughts, sometimes when people are bullied for a long period of time and are getting stressed out, causes them to feel like everyone hates them and they just shouldn’t be living and that they don’t belong in the world. Bullies don’t know how much damage they’ve done to a person until they’ve been bullied themselves or something happens to the person they are bullying. I hope reading this has made you realize how harmful and cruel bullying really is and next time when you’re about to call someone ugly or fat as a joke, you should think twice before you say it to them.


These Boots Were Made for Walking

My favorite shoes sit underneath my clothes that hang down in my closet. They are about the best shoes in the world because they are are my cheer shoes and they helped me go to higher places….literally because they are very light and don’t weigh much so when I tumble I can go higher in my flips because my shoes don’t weigh me down. They are beyond amazing because they just feel so good to walk in and to wear! I wish I could wear them 24/7 becuase I love them so much!

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Fall By Ashley

Fall….The leaves falling off of trees all around you, they are just starting to turn burnt orange,fiery red, and mustard yellow and lots of other different beautiful colors. On the ground there is a red and white checkered blanket with watermelon and other fruits and food for the family picnic. The leaves are blowing everywhere from the wind blowing and my hair flies back behind me as I face the wind. Around me I see all the kids throwing the frisbee and playing tag and chasing each other around. The dog is getting excited as the frisbee flys through the air and he runs after it and jumps up and try’s to catch it. The air smells of pumpkin spice bread fresh out of the oven and just made steaming hot chai tea…. Fall.

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Katniss’ Fear By: Ashley and Dominique

Fear is the color of orange
It tastes like burnt marshmallows
It smells like smoke from a lit fire
And feels like being stabbed by millions of needles
It sounds like shrieks from dying tributes
It looks like a tornado tearing a town into pieces.

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